First is the simplicity of the design, meaning it is easy to build and costs little for materials.

It is safe for the animal. As the diagram shows there is no side in the head crush, so when the gate is opened, the animal simply falls out with no risk of. strangling the beast.

The headbail is much quieter in operation than most other designs, reducing the animal's fear of the headbail and making it easier to put through the race the next time.

Because the rope which closes the headbail can be run down the side of the crush it is easy for one person to herd the animal in and close the bail from behind it.

If it is necessary to hold the animal's head down for any purpose, this is easily done by tying a rope to the bottom bar, leading it up over the animal's neck, back down under the bar, and back up over the top bar. The animal's head in this way can be pulled down and held completely securely. When the animal is released, just let go of the rope. one advantage not apparent at first is the fact the animal's head is held to one side of the crush. It means the animal's head is easier to get at, especially when working on ear tags or horns.