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  • Castration, disbudding and tail docking - not nice but necessary!

    For just about as long as animals have been farmed, they’ve been routinely subjected to several surgical procedures that make it easier for their owners to manage them - and they make life easier for the animals too.

  • Leptospirosis

    leptospirosisThirty years ago leptospirosis was one of the most common zoonoses in NZ with over 400 human cases a year, mainly in dairy farm workers. In recent years the widespread vaccination of pigs and dairy cattle has reduced the number of human cases to fewer than 100 a year. However there are still plenty of infected livestock on farms.

  • Castration of lambs, kids and calves

    Most male cattle, sheep and goats are castrated while they are young, to make their management easier.  It goes without saying that castration can be a very painful and distressing experience for the animal.

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