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  • Scouring in Hand Reared Animals

    scours in hand reared animalsDiarrhoea (or scours) can be a problem in hand-reared lambs, calves and kids in the first week or two of life. It’s a lot easier to prevent scours than to treat it, and the key to prevention is ensuring good feed quality, appropriate feeding regimes and good hygiene.

  • Vaccination - Cost-Effective Insurance Against Disease

    injectionwVaccination of ewes against the clostridial diseases such as pulpy kidney and tetanus is good insurance against losses in lambs, because lambs are passively protected by antibodies in their mother’s colostrum for up to 3 months.

  • Leptospirosis

    leptospirosisThirty years ago leptospirosis was one of the most common zoonoses in NZ with over 400 human cases a year, mainly in dairy farm workers. In recent years the widespread vaccination of pigs and dairy cattle has reduced the number of human cases to fewer than 100 a year. However there are still plenty of infected livestock on farms.

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