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  • Supplementary feeding in winter

    balagewWhen there is insufficient pasture for livestock, alternative feeds must be provided. The most common of these is hay. Other common supplements include concentrate pellets and grain.

  • Disbudding - make it humane

    disbuddingw"Disbudding" of calves and kids means removing the very early developing horn base to prevent horn growth.  It's a procedure carried out routinely for management reasons, but it's potentially very painful, so it should be carried out as humanely as possible.

  • Leptospirosis

    leptospirosisThirty years ago leptospirosis was one of the most common zoonoses in NZ with over 400 human cases a year, mainly in dairy farm workers. In recent years the widespread vaccination of pigs and dairy cattle has reduced the number of human cases to fewer than 100 a year. However there are still plenty of infected livestock on farms.

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