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  • Lifestyle farms on the battle front
    Lifestyle farms on the battle front

    As you drive around our beautiful country you can see cattle of all sizes and shapes. Delicate, doe-eyed Jerseys; rangy, angular Friesians; placid red and white Herefords with their tightly curling facial hair. You don't have to travel far afield before you spot a few shaggy-coated Highlands, two-tone Belted Galloways or even pint-sized Dexters.

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Get the basics right

  • Facial eczema (FE)

    facial eczemaFE is a disease of sheep, cattle, goats, and deer. It also affects alpacas but not horses. Affected stock show photosensitisation or sunburn which can be severe, and animals are very uncomfortable, irritable from the itch and obviously in discomfort or even pain.

  • Pneumonia

    cowteethwWhen farm animals develop acute pneumonia the signs are dullness and difficulty with breathing (heaving sides, rapid breathing, head low and extended). Sometimes their elbows are pushed out, sometimes (but not always) they cough. But often affected animals are just found dead.

  • Controlling internal parasite (worm) burdens and delaying drench resistance

    microscopewDrench resistance is a real threat to future worm control in goats, sheep and cattle.  About 80% of milking goat herds and 65% of sheep flocks may already be affected, and on some goat farms, resistance to all three drench families has been recorded.

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