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When Kate Brennan and her husband bought their first lifestyle block in 1998, she quickly realised that there was a lot to learn and very few resources for new lifestyle farmers. So she and a friend got together and created the lifestyleblock website to provide advice and support to lifetyle farmers.

From the first 4 acre Waikato block, Kate is now on a 220 acre Northland block, living off-grid and farming cattle and her beloved angora goats. For the last 20 years she's been living and breathing farming in NZ and wouldn't have it any other way.

 It seems that TV has had a huge impact on my life which is surprising as I haven't owned a TV for over 30 years.

Kidding is in full swing. We have fourteen kids and about the same still to come. So far the kids are happy and healthy and as they grow they have very distinct personalities. They also have very distinct voices.

It's a red letter day here on the hill. We have an egg.

We've been off-grid for eight years now.

One characteristic shared by all lifestyle farmers is that we are 'doers'. Farming is not an easy option, it involves hard work, making practical decisions and getting your hands dirty. Sitting back and hoping that things turn out right is not an option.

As you drive around our beautiful country you can see cattle of all sizes and shapes. Delicate, doe-eyed Jerseys; rangy, angular Friesians; placid red and white Herefords with their tightly curling facial hair. You don't have to travel far afield before you spot a few shaggy-coated Highlands, two-tone Belted Galloways or even pint-sized Dexters.

One of the features of farming is planning ahead and while we're sweltering under the summer sun it's time to think about keeping ourselves warm in winter. Of course if you have a heat pump or other non-firewood based heating system you can sit on your deck with a cold drink and picture the rest of us slabbing and chopping and stacking until we drop.

It's raining....again.

I know, I know, many parts of the country are still suffering from a lack of pasture after months of drough. But waterlogged ground isn't great for grass growth either. That's not the problem though. A combination of warm temperatures and wet weather have contributed to our worst Barber's Pole season for years.

It's been a very...let's say 'interesting' few weeks.

Firstly, I caught mumps. There is something ridiculous about catching mumps as an adult, especially when the swollen cheeks and neck kick in and you look like a chipmunk.

A few interesting things about mumps:

Summer has barely begun and already many parts of the country are very dry. It's galling when you've complained all winter that it's too wet to suddenly find yourself hoping for rain. It doesn't help when your work colleagues are delighted by the 'wonderful' weather and it can be hard not to explain (through tightly gritted teeth) exactly why it's not 'wonderful' at all but an absolute nightmare!

I've been thinking about blogging for a while but there’s always been something else to do; goats to feed; cattle to check on; eggs to collect or horses to spend quality time with. 

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