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m. bovis update 8th February

Information provided by MPI

Fires and water shortages creating extra challenges

As you can imagine this week, we’re in close contact with farmers and emergency services in case any herds affected by M. bovis have to be relocated away from the Tasman bush fires.

At this stage, there are three properties in the fire zone that are also part of the current M. bovis eradication programme. If their herds need to be moved, we’re ready to make this happen quickly and smoothly. In the meantime, they remain under quarantine, and their welfare needs are being catered for.

Hot, dry days are turning many regions from green to gold, and we are aware that decreasing water levels on properties subject to movement restrictions is becoming a concern for some farmers.

To all the farmers out there dealing with M. bovis – please don’t hesitate to phone your ICP or the M. bovis liaison line if you need urgent or extra help or support, whether it’s related to fire danger, access to water, or anything else.

Latest information

Number of active confirmed Infected Properties 32
Number of properties under Restricted Place Notice 57
Properties under Notice of Direction 215
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