It is so tough when you struggle each day to keep your self-esteem intact because one eye is continually on the bank balance and the other is always on the ever-diminishing budget forecast.

I was driving back from the town earlier than expected today (because my concept of going to the movies got squashed by a necessary purchase costing more than I thought it would) and as I watched expensive boat after expensive motor home pass me by (as people returned home from the Easter break) I reflected on where I had gone wrong in my life. I wondered how some people can seem so important and wealthy and others, like me, appear unimportant, insignificant ... and struggling. I work hard, I am not frivolous, and I do not have a wardrobe full of shoes.

I cursed at the injustice of it – us lowly ones can't afford to go to the proms (or most other wonderful shows) but the wealthy (who could easily afford to buy tickets) are frequently given them free because they are people who are important and wealthy and they are invited to an event or performance to help give it an air of expense. I sighed and drove on.

I reflected once more and placed myself as plankton in a world of whales and the image made me think again. The smallest creature in the world is the most important one. The whole food chain rests on its back and, without them, the rest of the sustenance pyramid would destabilise and disappear – we all know the enormous value our humble worms have.

I considered this picture and grinned as another large caravan passed me heading south. Without me – and all the other financially fraught groups of humanity – the rich and famous wouldn't get the free tickets. I am important. I am indispensable. I am one of the most essential items on the financial food chain and I felt much better as my self-esteem re-settled itself high above the oncoming Holden Colorado and attached trailer-sailer.