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I am an avid reader. Problem is I only need to read half a page before I start nodding off. This means getting my books from the local Library is a little silly because I never get them read by the due date. Buying new books is out of my financial question so, instead, I go second-hand shopping.

I am lucky enough to live near a country town that has two second-hand book stores and I always enjoy a cruise past both of them to see what may be in the bargain bin. One shop has a $1 stand close to the door which is lovely because I am not tempted to travel too far back into the 'Pandora's Book Box'. This shop also has a one-for-two system, meaning I can get books for 50c ... now that's economical reading.

Another friend of mine enjoys going to clearance auctions and garage sales and his method of keeping himself in affordable reading material is to snap up the whole boxes of paperbacks you see going for a couple of dollars. He reckons it doesn't matter if a few of the books will never be read because they aren't to his taste. He says they will make up for being an 'unread' by being a 'one-for-two' on something he wants to read. He also makes the point that he has read some really interesting and enjoyable novels that he would have normally never read because he would have normally never picked them up.

I tried his idea the last time I was in the bookshop. I had taken ten $1 books in and, without looking; I just grabbed the first five books on the top of the $1 shelf. So far I have completed two fascinating and pleasantly 'different' books and I have put the third one down after struggling through the first few chapters. The one I am reading now is a book I would never, ever have willingly picked up but I am finding that it is an un-put-downable. The last book that was in my blind selection could also prove to be a winner as it is beckoning me with an appealing cover on a subject I know nothing about. This is fabulous. I have affordable reading, my bedtime nodding off is more varied and informative than before, and I have no Library fines!

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