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Polish up your pitchfork...

I often wonder with great admiration as to how people survive on the minimum wage. Ok, I survive on below the minimum wage but I have the ability to grow and shoot my own and I have the facilities to raise enough income to pay for what I can't shoot or grow.

In times gone past – and I mean many times gone past – emperors had a policy of keeping a huge milling mass at the bread level. This was a crowd of population where existence relied on the good will of the wealthier and the odd hand out from the ruler of the day. This mass of humanity was an essential part of a regimes existence. When the neighbours began to rattle their pikes and dust off the chariots, this mass was the front line ... this mass was a crucial tool in the emperor's kit of demolition when it came to maintaining the safety of the realm. The ruler of the day kept this human resource in its place through legislation, caste rules and a variety of other status systems.

In our case today, we have a lack of qualifications and available jobs keeping our government's milling mass available but, because they are seemingly unrequired at present, they are viewed as a burden rather than an asset. The unemployed are no longer an essential part of society's safety. And this worries me because history tells me that an oversupply of milling masses usually precedes the rattling of pikes and the dusting off of chariots. I, somehow, need to make sure I am not seen as one of the milling masses. Survival is important to me!

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