Going on from the grocery shop last article ...

I'm a bit of a label reader. Firstly it saves me money because, if there is a word I can't read or can't pronounce on the label, then the item gets put back onto the shelf. Try it. You'll be surprised how much you don't put in the trolley and you will probably find that you will manage quite well if you don't buy them.

Another reason I read labels is because of the label. Let me explain. I shot into the store to grab some Dettol. I put one-third water, one-third Baby Oil and one-third Dettol into a spray bottle, and I use it to keep the flies away from Little Miss Goldilocks the house cow. It also makes her smell lovely and clean. The Dettol was $7.99 and the Homebrand one was $5.99. A quick check of the label revealed the ingredients to be exactly the same for each product and both bottles were the same size. Why pay two dollars more for the 'label'?

Weed killer is another, and did you know that 30-second spray has the same elements as Janola. A mathematical calculation on your cellphone will help you work out the application ratios and will let you know which product will do the identical job for half the price.

I thought I was being rather clever about these things until the other day when I was loitering in the toilet paper aisle trying to work out the best one to select. A young mother came along, picked up a couple of the packs I was eyeing up, and sent her daughter off to weigh them on the fruit and vege scale. Brilliant. Two packs, same price, one heavier than the other – that has to be the better deal.