One of the key things at this time of the year is to not waste all of the hard work you have put into your vegetable garden. Having a Xmas holiday is not an option for me because of the enormous amount of produce I need to process in order to eat well for the next year.

Cabbages grow like weeds here and I have a couple of recipes that are really suitable for freezing, meaning that none of my cabbages are wasted. I have no idea where I got the following recipe, or from whom I stole it, but I know I have made a couple of changes to it because I didn't have, or couldn't afford, some of the ingredients. I fill plastic, microwavable, containers of varying sizes meaning I can take a small one to work for lunch, use a medium-sized one as a side dish or consume a large container as a vegetable platter for the main course. The recipe reheats well from frozen making it a perfect 'padder-outer' when extra people suddenly turn up at the dinner table.

So, grab your cabbages and enjoy.

Cabbage a la Middelmost

You need sliced cabbage, chopped garlic, oregano (dried or fresh), lemon juice (I freeze lemon juice in ice cubes so I just chuck two or three of those in), butter, cooked bacon bits, and cream.

Play around with the amounts according to what you like and how much cabbage/bacon/garlic you have but for half a reasonably sized cabbage I would:

Heat some butter in a big pan

Cook the garlic and oregano for a wee bit

Add the cabbage and stir until just cooked (I like mine raw-ish)

Stir in the lemon juice (maybe from one or two lemons) and enough cream to create a sauce (about a cup)

Toss in the bacon and serve. Dead easy and so tasty.

No doubt you will add your style to it and will call it Cabbage a la Your Place.