I love shopping and, for those fans of "Letters from Middelmost", I did eventually have my dream spree in Paris. But, a while back my notion of spending took a nose dive.

I had some money ... not much ... but it was spare and I had a couple of hours before an appointment so I headed to a large department store. My smile was wide, the trolley was large, and I felt adventurous - the joy of having the time, some dollars, and guilty free conscience of buying something for me!

I don't go into stores very often and I find a trip up the aisles a slow one as I stop to stare, wonder, and compare all of the amazing things available to the purchasing public. I browsed. I rifled. I perused. I picked items up and read the advertising on the boxes to see what they did or how they worked. I spent my full two hours exploring every inch of every shelf but found there was absolutely nothing I really wanted, or really needed, to buy. No knickknack, no handy gadget, no gotta have gismo. Now, where's the pleasure in that ... I was devastated!

I had managed to put a $2.95 packet of BBQ skewers in the trolley (mainly because I needed some small stakes for the vege patch) and that was it. I started to feel a tad sad but then I changed as it dawned on me that I must be a person so rich there is nothing I want for. How cool is that!