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Treading lightly

Rural People and Issues : Treading lightly

This section contains articles on treading lightly on the earth by consuming less. There are hundreds of other useful articles in our lifestyle file. If you're looking for something in particular then use the search box above. If not, then browse the article titles and see what there is to help you. If you can't find an answer here then why not ask in our discussion forums? One of the very friendly and helpful members is sure to be able to help you.

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Call them car clubs, transport co-operatives or wiggly buses, the idea is the same:

Oil prices rise, there is an outcry and we turn down the oil-fired heating, close the window, and wish we were not so dependent on fossil fuel.

It comes as a surprise to learn that deep freezing has been used for generations to preserve food and save waste.

Concern for the environment means that we are less inclined to fill our cupboards with proprietary brands of household cleaner.

Lay down in a darkened room and refresh your eyes with a cool slice of cucumber on each eyelid.

Decomposition is the name of the game.

Call it climate change or simply say the weather’s different.

It’s becoming easier to buy products made from recycled materials, and it is also becoming easier to buy items that can be recycled.

There are few sights so rewarding as a basket of your own freshly picked home-grown vegetables.

Apple cores and teabags, onion skins and orange peel, and a fair amount of garden waste - all can be used to form compost. 

Lessons learned in childhood will usually last a lifetime,

Recycling is a serious fact of life when you live in the country.

Those of us living on the land cannot help but be aware of everything that has to be disposed of

Common household baking soda has been used in many ways for a very long time

When you live with a septic tank, and are concerned for the environment, the use of modern cleaning compounds may be something that worries you.

We have been told many times that cosmetics are a rip-off

Solar energy means different things to different people: is it solar water heating, or is it the use of photovoltaic panels to generate electricity?

For most of us approaching the idea of solar power as novices, there are some daunting matters to get our heads around. 

You live on a windy ridge. Sunshine is unreliable (imagine the west coast of the South Island), and you're a long way from the nearest power pole.

Anyone living in a remote area without an existing connection to the national grid faces potentially expensive solutions to their power requirements.

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