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Rural People and Issues : The good oil

lifestyleblock.co.nz Investigative Free Range writer Annette Taylor will boldly search out answers to many of the perplexing questions that beset rural dwellers.  Unflinchingly she will seek out agricultural scientists, vets, lawyers, noise control officers and even politicians to answer those befuddling questions that you haven’t the time or inclination to chase.  No question too small, or too big. 

Nothing ever is dead easy, is it? 

Swaggie certainly did.  Her question:  what can you do if you or your property gets unintentionally sprayed? 

Question:  My neighbour’s stock keep breaking on to my land.  What can I do?

Q:  Jack wants to know if it’s possible to get wastewater digesters which would deal with the sewage for an ordinary household.

The question is – what is a paper road and what rights do landowners have regarding them?

Sceptical of Rotorua lives on a small lifestyle block just out of the city. 

Waikato conservationist and permaculturalist Maxine Fraser says people get very hung up about compost. 

Remember that idea of the paperless office? 

Kate has 30-odd (very odd, she says) goats...

It didn’t get off to a good start.  Shoot ‘em, he said.

Janet is looking for an alternative to having to join her local council’s proposed new sewage scheme.

The post always gets through.  Or does it?   And there's much more at stake than a birthday card to Aunt Joan going astray.

Jacques and Barb have a problem with their three organic heifers...

Michael lives on a one-acre block and has a neighbour who processes firewood for charity.

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