Annette Taylor

Annette Taylor

chainsawMichael lives on a one-acre block and has a neighbour who processes firewood for charity. Trouble is, he does it about 200 metres away from Michael's house. "He runs chainsaws every Wednesday and Saturday through the summer months for most of the day. Is there anything I can do about this, as the noise is excessive and is driving us to the point of selling?"  The neighbour, when approached, says he has no intention of stopping.

first catch your hareThe story goes it was an 18th century food writer, Hannah Glasse, who began a recipe with the words "First, catch your hare."

Here's the thing - invite friends for dinner and when they arrive, surprise them with the fact they have to provide it.

velvetleafAgResearch weed scientist Trevor James says he didn't know what he was looking at, at first. It was a photograph of velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti), one of the worst weeds in America and possibly the world.  And it had just been found growing in the Waikato.

bunnies in the paddockThis is plain, no-nonsense country-style tucker: easy to make, sustaining, delicious, but Baked Alaska it is not.  It resembles, depending on how you make it, a bit of a hill, with little bunnies dotted around.

warming stewI'm so over winter. I've splashed out on extra warm gear and wear my new fingerless gloves under my old fingered gloves and still get frozen.

Here's a burning question.  AJ lives on a small block, a short distance from Hamilton.  She's been approached by a community group who want to hold a bonfire on her property to raise funds.  It's all for a good cause and she'd like to help them but in this modern age is a bit worried about things like liability and OSH and other scary stuff.   What's the situation, she asks.

There's nothing like the aroma of baking bread - especially if someone else is making it.  I found myself at the skull lady's house a few weekends ago, and she was keen to try a sticky bun recipe that had popped into her head.

Neil has a neighbour with unstable pine trees on his property, bordering a shared driveway.  On the land on the opposite side of the driveway is a shared power line, not shared by the neighbour.  Neil wants to know whose responsibility is it if a pine tree falls across the driveway and breaks the power line.

Jacques and Barb have a problem with their three organic heifers - they've just become infested with ticks.  They write: "We have read that cooking oil can be effective. Do you know which type is most effective and how is it best applied? Is there any organic treatment that can be internally given?  We are BioGro certified so need to be very aware of what we are applying."

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