The Bafor and the Bahafta, is what my Dad used to say as he surveyed his day’s battle with the garden. It was a statement of his sense of achievement. It was a statement I needed to visit.

We lose sight sometimes as we do battle with our garden called “A FARM”. Not many of us are well-heeled enough to be able to buy into an immaculate property. Most of us have to struggle into someplace no one else wanted because the campaign ahead was too great. But, we do because it is the piece we can afford and we steadfastly trundle on into the jungle that we hope one day to call Paradise.

And when depression and tiredness take over – as we fix one thing only to find another bit broken, as we try to match our vision with our bank balance, as Mother and Father Nature throw everything they can into the mix, as time and completion seem to be on two different planets – you must stop and reflect on the Bafors and the Bahaftas.

I was sorting through some photos and came across an old one that reminded me, so I started a little search and, that night, ended up toasting myself with a glass of wine for the amazing difference I have made so far. From the lack of fencing, rubbish and mess, broken pieces, munted land and a horrible house to what I have now is quite remarkable – even if I do say so myself.

So raise a glass and celebrate your achievements.