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Rural People and Issues : Middelmost

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A series of articles which will follow the fortunes, follies and foibles of an ordinary person on an ordinary piece of dirt attempting to maintain an ordinary sort of existence within the boundaries of time, money and skill.

Well - this week was plain survival at Middelmost.

It's amazing how things can change so quickly.

Autumn is a time when I feel like a Smug-Little-Squirrel-Nutkin gathering up the summer and storing it away, but this year, things have gone wrong.

The joys of living in the country.  

Well - the saga of Mrs Pig's nose continues.

Death is a strange thing and, to me, falls into three categories.

At Middelmost the farming year ends at the Winter Solstice. 

Mrs Pig is very happy. 

One of my goody-baskets has come home. 

Did you rush out this morning and wish your horse a happy birthday? 

All you need is one warm day and you leap, cheerful and charged into the chores of spring! 

The laundry at Middelmost is a multi talented room and, at the moment, it smells like the public bar of the local hotel.

Although the snow has fallen and the wind has howled

The blacksmith reckons he hasn’t seen a horse with such big feet as Last Thyme in a very long while.

Three weeks ago I was one of the last to leave Taihape before it was completely cut off by snow. 

Well - do I look stupid? 

On Monday I was SO CLOSE to giving Last Thyme away!!!

To me there is nothing more positive than the first whiff of boronia to say the season has definitely changed. 

Well, it's all happening down on the farm.  

The local district newspaper said that this September was the driest since records began in 1908 - 7.8mm of rain when 82mm is the average.

I think calves’ ears are a ‘seedy gauge’.

With the warm rainy nights and the hot sunny days earlier this week at Middelmost, everything is growing with gay abandon. 

With the water tank overflowing this week, it has been a time to catch-up on spring-cleaning - all of those jobs I couldn’t do in the September drought.

September was the driest month, October was the warmest and November is definitely heading to be the wettest!! 

On Sunday Mrs Pig delivered her babies.

With a brave heart I faced the girls on Thursday and said, "The ad is in the paper - you are for sale!"

True to form Bossy Boots waited until the worst weather of the week to start labour and at twelve o’clock Wednesday night

It is so annoying when something goes horrendously wrong and the only butt you can kick is your own.

Some thieving sod ate my strawberries!!  

Buppy has gone to Heaven. 

Middelmost is a bedraggled mess. 

What a difference a couple of sunny days can make. 

With the piglets gone and the calves gone, Middelmost was a tad quiet.

Mr Pig came home, and this time it was me tripping the light fantastic from left to right.

On Friday, Last Thyme turns two years old and this, for me, is a milestone.

The turning of the calendar page brings a social month to Middelmost.

And so the harvest begins.

I was rather tinny last week. 

The kitchen is such a lovely place to be in at the moment with its wide range of smells and tastes and generally homely sights.  

"You'll never guess the prices," she said.

When you live in a little piece of Paradise on Earth, especially an almost self-sufficient one like Middelmost, you tend to dig yourself a bit of a hole. 

The neighbouring kids keep popping in to walk around my garden.

Albert has done well this week with his little mate captured and now living inside, and his little mate has turned out to be a six month old female!

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