Diana Noonan

Diana Noonan

My trailer is on the road several times a week this month as I haul load after load of bull kelp off the beach and onto the empty garden beds. 

Growing Memories

angelicaStaples aside, I find what we do and don’t choose to grow in our gardens endlessly interesting.

Heaven Scent

gardeniaYou may find this shocking (and I hesitate to say it out loud because it makes me sound quite ignorant), but I have only recently discovered gardenias.

processorBrace yourselves, tighten your seat belts or do whatever else it takes to glue yourself to this week’s garden column because I have some news that will change your lives.

sheepsnowIt’s typical of New Zealand weather to hold back the worst until last, and this season is no exception.

Carob Culture

carobAm I the only one who get anxious about seeds germinating?

Lime Time

hydrangeaLike most scientists, we gardeners are curious about our natural environment.

olivesThe olives on the tree outside my window here in Greece are slowly fattening.

greekGreeks aren’t very adaptable when it comes to food. At least, not in the Arkadian village that has been my second home for the last thirty years, and where I’m now holidaying.

viburnumwLast year, while living in Auckland for three months from July-September, I was astonished to notice that for my entire period in the city, several varieties of flowering shrubs and trees were in bloom.

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