Diana Noonan

Diana Noonan

If you’re planning a trip into Central Otago, give serious thought to arriving in the small town of Roxburgh on a Thursday.

He says she’s a wonderful cook. She says he’s a wonderful story teller.

red bean seedlingIt’s just a matter of weeks before we’re all going to be clamouring for garden seedlings.

yaconwIt’s been a pretty heady week in vegie land. The reason is that I wandered into our local organic shop and there on the counter were two bags of yakon – YUM!

Careful, methodical picking is my rule for this chilliest of months.

My winter garden motto is ‘Don’t!’

My trailer is on the road several times a week this month as I haul load after load of bull kelp off the beach and onto the empty garden beds. 

In the north, spring is well under way. Broad beans are flowering, garlic is well through the ground (and craving liquid feeding), peas are advancing up their supports and carrots may even be at the stage of requiring thinning. All

angelicaStaples aside, I find what we do and don’t choose to grow in our gardens endlessly interesting.

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