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“Feed Me! Feed Me!”

dillHelp! My dill is holding me to ransom! It knows I can't live without it (my addiction to Mediterranean cuisine means I require a large bunch of its foliage on a daily basis) and the plants are refusing to come up with the goods unless I expend more energy on them than I really have time for. The infuriating thing is that I thought dill would require very little care and attention. I mean, every garden book you go to is at pains to point out how undemanding herbs are. Well, not dill, trust me! Left to its own devices, it will grow a pathetic spindly frond or two of faintly yellow foliage, but I'm after those delicious feathery green bunches you see every time you walk past a Greek or Turkish vegie stall. I mean, how can you make a decent zucchini and potato stew without the stuff! So I'm now faced with giving dill some of my richest, sunniest ground, thinning the seedlings to the point where they have almost as much room to themselves as a lettuce, and feeding them like you would a teenager who's just arrived home from rugby practice. In fact, I've taken to keeping a large container of donkey-pooh and seaweed, soaking in water, right beside the plants, just to make giving them a good drink of liquid manure every couple of days simpler. So far, the results are good – but for how long can I keep this up! It's enough to make me go Italian – oregano is so much easier (but dill-laden spanakopita is positively addictive!).

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