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May - Chickweed

ChickweedChickweed (Stellaria media)

Chickweed (sometimes called field chickweed) is an annual that is low growing and sprawling and can grow up to 70cm across. It has light green, smooth leaves on hairy stalks. The flowers are white with five petals that are so deeply divided they appear to be 10 petals. Chickweed is common throughout New Zealand and can germinate strongly when pasture is cultivated for either a crop or renovation in the autumn. If left unchecked, chickweed can smother large areas of newly sown pasture due to its sprawling growth habit.

Mouse eared chickweedChickweed should not be confused with mouse-ear chickweed

Control in Pasture

There are very few herbicides that are effective against chickweed.

Preside* Herbicide + Uptake* Spraying Oil will give very good control of chickweed when sprayed as seedlings or young plants. In new pasture, spray when clover has at least 4 true leaves and the chickweed is as small as possible. Higher rates of Preside are required to control larger chickweed plants. Preside can be tank mixed with other herbicides used to control additional weeds e.g. Select* herbicide for clover safe control of seedling thistles in new pasture.

Higher water rates will help to ensure good control is achieved when spraying more established plants.

Preside herbicide will NOT control mouse-eared chickweed.

For a copy of the new Preside brochure see your local farm merchandise store or call Dow AgroSciences on 0800 803939.

*Registered trademark of Dow AgroSciences.

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