agapanthusThis tough South African import is not the sort of immigrant that our environment needs. With its shiny, leathery, dark-green leaves and umbrella shaped clusters of purplish-blue or white flowers, it has won the hearts of many a gardener who wants a hardy plant for difficult areas with poor soil.

blackberryAlthough blackberry is found in most districts of New Zealand it is mainly a problem weed in Northland, Central and Eastern districts of the North Island, Nelson and the West Coast.

inkweedA soft-wooded, bushy and leafy perennial that grows up to 2 metres tall or more. The flowers are green and are followed by dense cylindrical clusters of dark purple berries.

chickweed3Chickweed (sometimes called field chickweed) is an annual that is low growing and sprawling and can grow up to 70cm across.

scotch thistleScotch and nodding thistles are common in New Zealand pastures.

hedge mustardHedge mustard is also sometimes referred to as wireweed or tumble weed.

giant buttercupGiant Buttercup is a hairy perennial, with erect solid stems up to 1.5 m tall. It grows from a stout rhizome.

cali thistleA perennial thistle with far-creeping root system, each plant sending up many aerial shoots in the spring, which seed and die in the autumn.

Most pastures in New Zealand consist of mixtures of both grasses and clovers.

Creeping yellow cressA weed that belongs to the brassica family, creeping yellow cress is found in cultivated ground, damp pasture and river beds.

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