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Creeping yellow cress

Creeping yellow cress flowerCreeping yellow cress (Rorippa sylvestris)

A weed that belongs to the brassica family, creeping yellow cress is found in cultivated ground, damp pasture and river beds.  It is found throughout New Zealand and can create thick infestations in low lying pastures alongside rivers.  This is a very common occurrence throughout the Waikato.

Creeping yellow cress is a perennial herb with creeping rhizomes that can create a thick mat of weed which completely smothers pasture.  Leaves have toothed margins but vary in shape.  Flowers have 4 yellow petals, are 4-6mm in diameter and have stems that are thin and erect.  Flowering occurs from December to February.

Creeping yellow cress individual plantControl

Preside* Herbicide will provide grass and clover friendly control of creeping yellow cress.  Best results are achieved when application is made prior to flowering.  Because creeping yellow cress is a perennial, repeat application the following season to ensure good control.  Follow-up treatments to control seedlings will be required in later years.

  •  Use rate - 50gm/ha
  • Always apply Preside with Uptake* Spraying Oil.
  • Select* Herbicide can be tank mixed with Preside to control thistles and other weeds if required.  Refer to weeds controlled on the Preside label. 

Preside and Select are registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No P4815 and P5202
* Trademark of Dow AgroSciences

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