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Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettleStinging Nettle (Urtica urens)

Stinging nettle is an erect annual that grows up to 60cm tall. It has short stinging bristles on the leaves and stems with clusters of tiny green flowers in the leaf axils.

The leaves are dark green and heart shaped up to 8cm long and arranged in opposite pairs with stinging bristles.

The fine bristles release poison when the skin brushes against the leaves or stem. It is not readily grazed by stock.

Stinging nettle is common throughout New Zealand, found in gardens, under trees, sheep camps and where pasture has been disturbed for cropping or pasture renewal.

Perennial nettle is a related species but is rhizomatous in nature and is less common. It tends to grow to at least 1.5m tall.


New Pasture:
MCPB / 2,4-DB 6L/ha

Apply when the nettle is a seedling with a maximum of 2 leaves.

Established pasture:
Pasture-Kleen 3L/ha

Apply when the nettle is a seedling with a maximum of 4 leaves.

Spot control:
Tordon Gold Knapsack - 12ml/L

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