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Installing a Permanent Power Fence

Install Lightning Diverters

Lightning will damage your energizer if it strikes your electric fence. Gallagher energizers have internal lightning diverters that give partial protection against small strikes. Installing an Adjustable Lightning Diverter (G6480) will give added protection otherwise disconnect the energizer from the fence and power supply during lightning storms.

Lightning always finds the easiest way to earth. In areas where lightning is a problem, installing an earth system to include a lightning diverter earth is essential. Recent trials have shown that combining the energizer earth and lightning diverter earth not only improves the energizer earthing but also protects it from lightning damage. The minimum number of earth pegs is three. See the recommended earth installation below.

Handy Hint:
Using the diverter does not guarantee complete protection. In bad lightning areas, earthing the top fence wire helps significantly.

Fig 4.13(a)
Low protection against lightning strike.




Fig 4.13(b)
Medium protection against lightning strike




Fig 4.13(c)
High protection against lightning strike