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Running the Farm : Farming diary

Note: South Island farms will be about one month behind North Island farms

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We are told it’s ‘climate change’ that has caused the recent mayhem up and down the land, from too much rain in some parts to drought in others.

What happened to the world all of a sudden? Things far away are affecting everyone and rising costs are going to make farm folk look very carefully at how things are managed. For us older folk, we can remember the ‘Make do and Mend’ slogan of WWII which could come in useful again.

It’s been another difficult summer with the long dry periods in many areas, going to make it necessary to have plenty of feed supplements available.

There can’t be many folk left who believe that climate change is a myth, after the weather in January from floods to fires. It’s going to be the future and farming and is sure going to be a challenge when you don’t know what’s coming next!

This summer the weather has been kinder to us than it has in many recent years and the forecast is for high temperatures and normal rainfall.

December this year is going to be interesting – not because of the virus and it’s affect on festive celebrations, but because of rainfall.

November is a critical month for pasture growth and we have to get rain, because the rain we get now dictates growth for early silage, and preparing for summer which is many regions is predicted that it could be dry if long-term trends are to be believed.

Are we in for another summer drought? This is now the worry every year as records show declining annual rainfall over the last three years.

It’s a good time to have a small block to get on with jobs outside away from TV and radio with all the misery which leads all the bulletins.

There can’t be anybody around now who doesn’t believe in global warming after the massive damage done in many areas in July. The cleanup will be massive and take years.

One thing we can be sure about is that it’s winter and time to make plans for next season.

The shortest day has gone and seeing young calves around and early lambs can fool you.

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