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Trees will enhance the value of any property - big farm, small farm, lifestyle block, public park, roadside. There are many good reasons for planting trees but before rushing out and digging holes be warned that there can also be problems. This bulletin will list some of the pros and cons. Individual items will be elaborated on later.

  • Aesthetics - personal, neighbourhood, wider community.
  • Screening - privacy, to hide ugly spots, to create “rooms” in a garden, to reduce sprays, smells, etc.
  • Shelter - wind, sunlight, temperature modifiers for humans, animals, garden.
  • Capital value - resale value, potential income.
  • Food and fodder - nuts and fruits, acorns, browse.
  • Birds and bees - nectar and pollen, berries, nest sites.
  • Educational - arboretum, economic plants.
  • Scientific-trials - hedging, cultivars, orchard trees.
  • Health aid - insect deterrent, children’s play place, vitamins, food flavouring.
  • Firewood
  • Erosion and water control
  • Fertility transfer

Power lines, drains, neighbours, fallen limbs, root damage to lawns and paths, unpleasant smells, shading, thorns, prickly fruits, leaves in spouting. Also squashy fruit on footpaths, poisonous plants, toxic buildup from animal droppings, pests and diseases.

This article is reproduced with the kind permission of the New Zealand Tree Crops Association.
Who is the NZ Tree Crops Association?
Our members include a real cross-section of people - home gardeners, orchardists, hobbyists, farmers, investors and so on. Some are big landowners, while others do not even have a back yard! Some are learners; others are experienced growers; and yet others are researchers of high repute.
We share an interest in investigating new crops, improving existing varieties, and learning more about the care and management of a wide range of fruit and nut trees and other useful species.


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