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Keeping your hedgecutting contractor happy

By Lois Mundell
  • Book in early.
  • Clearly define the hedges to be cut. Some boundary hedges cause fall-outs with neighbours. One wants them high the other wants low, and the contractor doesn't enjoy being caught in the cross fire.
  • Make sure the hedge line is free of junk, eg. water pipes etc. These can become very dangerous flying objects. Abandoned wire is diabolical.
  • Keep all animals away from the area the machine is operating in.
  • Have the gates open where possible. It is amazing how much time can be wasted climbing on and off tractors and coaxing stubborn gates to open.
  • Don't follow the machine. A flying missile could harm you from way across the paddock. It has happened in the Waikato – a young man was killed with a piece of metal standard in the hedge.
  • Don't expect the contractor to risk life and limb on slippery slopes. Some places tractors cannot go.
  • Please remember to be kind to the person on the phone. They do their best to keep everybody happy and there are only 24 hours in the day.
  • Remember to pay your bill promptly – then you’ll get top service next year.
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