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Poplars for the farm

Information provided by Phillip Yalden, HortResearch, Aokautere, Private Bag, Palmerston North. Phone (06) 356-8080, Fax (06) 356-8184.

Which variety to plant?
  • Drier sites - Verones, Tasman, Argyle, Margarita, Dudley
  • Lower slopes - Use the above or Otahuao, Weraiti, Pakaraka, Selwyn
  • Moist areas - Kawa, Toa, Eridano
  • Possum resistance - Eridano, Kawa, Toa
  • Windy exposed slopes - Veronese, Argyle
  • Wet sheltered valleys - Kawa, Toa
  • Timber - Verones, Kawa, Toa, Tasman
  • Shelter - Tasman, Crowsnest, Veronese.

Note: - the following hybrids will become available over the next four years. HortResearch would like as many people as possible to try these when available.

  • Pakaraka (5013) orange/red
  • Margarita (5014) orange/orange
  • Selwyn (5016) orange/green
  • Weraiti (5018) orange/brown
  • Otahuao (5020) orange/grey
  • Dudley (5022) green/white

If you are interested in trying new varieties when they become available (clones with numbers and coloured codes) contact your local or regional council, soil conservator (land officer) to procure trial material from the HortResearch nursery.

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