The Tankvac water cleaning system is a marvellous example of Kiwi ingenuity.

Tankvac cleans out your water tank whether plastic, fibreglass, wooden, steel or concrete, using negative pressure and needs no maintenance - it's set and forget technology.

If you have a small micron water filter inline to your house then the life of your filter will be extended considerably.

Main Features:

  • Uses no power, great for off-grid and remote locations.
  • Only flushes when the tank is full, therefore it uses excess or overflow water unlike first flush diverters.
  • Sucks up water from the bottom of your tank taking with it silt, organic material (food for microbes) and stale water.
  • Re-oxygenates the water so it gets its sparkle back.

Tankvac is very efficient, very cost effective and best of all is a one-off expense.

Photos below show the system working. (In normal use, overflow water would be diverted away from the tank.)

tankvac1 tankvac2
tankvac3 tankvac4

More photos and a video showing the tankvac working are here on the tankvac website


TankVac RRP is $499 plus $20 freight anywhere in New Zealand. Right now Tankvac are offering a discount and offering the Tankvac to LSB members for only $334.

For LSB members TankVac are also offering free freight within New Zealand.

To order call 0800 TANKVAC (0800 826582.) To get your discount please quote LSB when ordering.

In most cases, installation can be arranged if you would rather not fit it yourself (costs apply.)


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