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How to Train Young Dogs Naturally for Stock work - Huntaways

  • Young huntaways need very little of this early training on stock.
  • Just let your pup help once you have a mob together.
  • Whether the pup goes around or through the mob doesn’t matter, little harm will be done and every day its work will improve.
  • Soon you will be able to call the pup from behind you, left or right out to one side of the mob, and back round behind you again to the other side.
  • Even when you call the pup back, use the left command (clockwise round the mob) or right command (anti clockwise around the mob).
  • This way the pup continues to learn its left and right, and also to give the stock room as it comes round behind you.
  • Suitable heading jobs will encourage your huntaway to learn to work naturally head on to the stock, and develop good balance.
  • If your huntaway wants to hunt stock away, allow it to do so.
  • Don’t try to stop or direct it (except to whistle or voice encouragement).
  • When it suits you, call it back.
  • “Stop” commands and attempts to direct an untrained dog tend to make it turn and watch you.
  • Also, the dog may not use its voice so freely.
  • There is time enough for these commands when the pup is familiar with them from general handling around mobs of stock.