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How to Train Young Dogs Naturally for Stock work - The Outrun

The Outrun
  • Now a young dog will be working confidently and it will be ready to cope with redirection on the outrun.
  • Use the same left and right commands that the dog has already been taught.
  • If a dog commences a cast which is too narrow, stop it.
  • Then walk up beside it so you can encourage it to recast out wider.
  • It helps to recast a young dog through a fence, or around some obstacle (eg a building or tree) to aid its understanding.
  • Another useful method is to drive stock away from you using right and left commands.
  • After some experience the young dog can be directed right left right left as it walks towards the mob you intend to drive away from you.
  • When the dog understands these left and right running commands, use them and see that it obeys.
  • Stop the dog and recast if it doesn’t.
  • Now it can learn to come in on the cast.
  • Again, running the dog inside a fence or an obstacle will be helpful at first.
  • Around the shed or yard paddocks it is not hard to set these runs up to help a young dog to learn.
  • Repetitive jobs such as taking away mobs of shorn sheep or cattle from yard work are excellent for a young dog.
  • When it understands the running out commands, a dog will answer them willingly, especially if it is only allowed to work stock which have been headed cleanly.
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