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wdog4wThis is a major problem where town meets country and is getting worse. Here are some basic facts based on research in Western Australia.  New Zealand dogs are no different.

dogSigns may appear from as little as half an hour to as much as several hours after poisoning.

dogAccess across farmland to public waterways and hunting grounds has long been a custom in New Zealand. Lately though, with the increasing awareness of sheep measles, sheep farming landowners are taking a much sterner approach to this public privilege.

Working dogs are valuable animals and often have accidents a long way from a veterinary clinic.  What you do after an accident may not only save the dog's life, but it can also hasten its recovery.  First aid is all about sustaining life and preventing things getting worse before you get professional help. 

There are too many dogs housed in cold damp kennels and a few unfortunate dogs have no shelter at all.  Animals suffer just as much in cold damp winter condition as humans do. 

Dog problems are people problems

 There are no such things as dog problems! All the problems are "dog-owner" problems. That's certainly the clear opinion of the great majority of dog experts in New Zealand and overseas.dog

Your dog is a good and faithful companion. Whether it is a working dog, a guard dog or a household pet, it is an intelligent animal with the potential to be a real asset on the farm.dog

Farm dogs are usually very intelligent animals and willing workers. They learn quickly, they can think for themselves, they are very active and they are easily bored.

dogApart from helping to keep your dog fit, regular good quality exercise will help prevent boredom and the bad habits that often go with it, like persistent barking or continual pacing.

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