When pet owners are sitting by their heaters in winter, they should not forget their tethered pets outside or animals in kennels and runs.

Any animal on a tether needs special care in the winter, and it should be checked regularly.  Goats are a permanent problem as owners forget that they are not well insulated from the weather like sheep. The problems are encountered with tethered horses as well.

Plenty of good feed is essential for all tethered stock to make sure they can handle the cold. A combination of cold and wet conditions increases stress even further, so owners must be especially vigilant here.

Winter is a time when lawns in small sections become very muddy and caged pets suffer greatly if they are not shifted regularly. 

On cold winter days, there is often a lack of desire among young pet owners to go out and shift the guinea pig or rabbit before and after school, and the animals end up living in mud for days on end.  These animals must have a weatherproof house with plenty of dry bedding and feed and water inside.

If it has been heavy rain overnight, it’s very important to check animals first thing in the morning.  It’s also important to remember that young animals like pups kept outside cannot stand cold and rain like mature dogs.  And if you put the cat out at night, make sure that it has a warm dry place to sleep.