shearingWhen you shear a sheep or a goat, you remove its weather-proofing. After all, a fleece is warm when it's cold, it prevents sunburn on clear sunny days and it's windproof and water-proof. So shearing leaves sheep and goats very vulnerable to the elements. Here's some advice on how to keep your stock happy after shearing.

drenchingIn recent years, a lot of progress has been made in understanding how to control worm burdens in livestock. However it's a hugely complex issue, not least because of the widespread problem of drench resistance! This makes it difficult for lifestylers to know how to deal with worms in their stock.

sheep grazingThe word 'refugia' seemed to appear out of the blue about 5-6 years ago, and was used by veterinarians and parasitologists when talking to farmers about worms (internal parasites) in sheep and in cattle.

November farming diaryGrass and clover should be bursting out of the ground in most parts, certainly where regular fertiliser applications have been applied.


fireworksThe fireworks displays around 5th November will be noisy, colourful and dramatic. Most people will love them.

skinnycowYou might well have heard of Johne’s disease, because it’s a common problem in ruminants.  But even if you’ve heard of it, you may not know much about it.

goatfaceHave any goats on your farm died after losing weight steadily?  Did they develop severe diarrhoea?  Did their condition worsen over a period of weeks or months?

horsesgateYes, it’s a mouthful, but “neurological” just means “relating to the central nervous system”, and the central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord.  So neurological signs in animals are the clues the animals give us that there is something wrong with their brain and/or spinal cord.

sheepAbortions can occur at any stage of pregnancy, although usually only mid to late-term aborted foetuses are big enough to be noticed.

wdog4wThis is a major problem where town meets country and is getting worse. Here are some basic facts based on research in Western Australia.  New Zealand dogs are no different.

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