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Helping a ewe birth a lamb

If you have to put your hand into the vagina, and then through the cervix of the ewe into the uterus to sort out a lambing problem, try this to make it easier:

  • Lay the ewe on her side
  • Then get someone to grab the back feet and raise her rear end, keeping her head down.
  • If you can’t get an assistant, tie some baler twine to each leg and then across your back to do some lifting. It’s very hard on your back, but it’s worth the discomfort to get the lambs out without damage.
  • This allows the uterus and its contents to drop back down.
  • Then you can slip your lubricated hand down past the lamb through the pelvis.
  • This will prevent any damage to the wall of the vagina or uterus.
  • Once you’ve got things sorted out, lay the ewe back on her side to deliver the lamb.
  • Don’t break the cord until you are sure the lamb is breathing.
  • Keep the ewe down and put the lamb at her head and rub some fluid or membrane on her nose.
  • Leave her lying and quietly disappear.
  • Lifting the ewe like this is the only way you can put a prolapse back.

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