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baby pigsMake sure you know why you want to keep pigs before you start.

Positive things about keeping pigs
  • Pigs are smart animals and respond to good care.
  • Pigs make great pets.
  • They can provide home-produced pork or bacon.
  • They can eat kitchen scraps and surplus garden vegetables.
  • They can forage outdoors on pasture
  • They can be used to break in scrub.
  • They can be kept in pens or indoors and provide manure.
  • They reproduce regularly to provide an income from young pigs.
Negative things about keeping pigs
  • For good production pigs must be well fed which means purchasing correct proprietary balanced diets.
  • Your meat could be cheaper from the supermarket!
  • Pigs can produce smells that you and your neighbours may consider offensive.
  • Pigs can also be noisy at certain times (feeding).
  • Their rooting and wallowing urges can severely damage pastures.
  • Pig paddocks and shelters can look offensive in a nice environment.
  • You may need to keep a boar, which can be dangerous.
  • You will need to provide housing for certain classes of animals.
  • Escaping is fun for pigs. They get through wire mesh and lift doors off hinges.
Sort out a pig production system
  • Buy in weaners and grow them to pork or bacon weight.
  • Keep a sow and boar and sell weaners.
  • Keep a sow and boar and feed all offspring to pork or bacon weight. 
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