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  • cute pig sniffingMost lifestyle farmers use outdoor huts for farrowing sows.
  • Huts should be situated in a sheltered spot and made airtight to retain the sow's body heat.
  • Adequate dry bedding must be provided.
  • It is best to arrange for farrowing to occur in summer.
  • When farrowing outside in cool or cold weather, it is important that the farrowing area is warm and dry.
  • Piglets are susceptible to chilling and for the first 2 weeks or so additional heat can be provided for them, using heat pads or heat lamps in a protected area alongside the sow.
  • Group farrowing can cause competition between sows, and individual huts in separate paddocks are best.
  • Creep feed can be offered to the piglets in the heated area and they will begin to take it from about a week of age.
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