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  • mixing pigsMixing pigs can cause a lot of stress, especially if they start fighting.
  • Mix 3-4 sows and their litters before weaning.
  • Don’t put newly mixed pigs into a large pen, as they’ll stay in their own groups and fight as groups.
  • Place all the newly-mixed pigs in a strange pen.
  • Mix pigs into small groups rather than large ones.
  • Feed them ad lib to keep them busy after mixing.
  • Distract them by providing straw or paper bedding, or spray them with strong-smelling fluid (disinfectant).
  • Provide adequate trough space and feeding and drinking points.
  • Mix them at dusk just before a time of resting.
  • Mix pigs in similar weight ranges and remove any sick or injured animals.
  • Mixing gilts and castrates doesn’t seem to cause any problems.
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