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  • The donkey was an early animal to be domesticated and has served man well throughout the ages.  The donkey is still doing valiant service and is the primary beast of burden and source of agricultural power in many cultures today.
  • Donkeys appear to have an innate trust of man, and very strong bonds build between them and their owners.  This is because donkeys are a very social species.
  • Some breeders say that if you assume a donkey is a big dog, you’ll go a long way to understanding their behaviour.
  • Donkeys have shown that they can solve maze problems a lot faster than horses.
  • Donkeys have been used in times of war for transport and food.  Owners stress the very special bond that can be built between donkey and caregiver and is much different between man and horse
  • Despite the donkey’s role in man’s civilisation, it still struggles to maintain a decent image among the human race.  Our assumption that the donkey is stupid, cunning and lazy is as alive and well today as it has been for the last two thousands years.
  • Donkeys are not stupid and lazy - this image is caused by man’s practice of ridiculing them, overloading them, and treating them with disrespect.
  • Donkeys are smart and good owners recognise this.  They will not move in situations they perceive as dangerous.  This prevents a lot of accidents, e.g. in harness.
  • Donkeys evolved in grasslands and are an animal of the open grasslands in warm dry climates.
  • In the USA, donkeys and mules are becoming the fastest growing part of the recreational equine industry.  Miniature donkeys are appealing to people who normally keep dogs and cats.
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