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horse bitting

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The term ‘BIT’ is like the term ‘HORSE”. A HORSE can be a mare, gelding, stallion, colt, foal etc,

This month we shall take a look at the PELHAM. Most people think that the PELHAM is more severe than a snaffle - but is this so?

This month we will look at fitting the Mullen Mouthed or Port Mouthed Pelham correctly

The application of the plain, ordinary and supposedly simple egg-butt snaffle cannot be discussed until the way the bit should fit into the horse’s mouth has been looked at.

Last month we discussed some of the reasons why the simple, mild egg-butt snaffle is not simple or mild

When a young horse is learning to accept a bridle, putting the tongue in the right place is a skill that must be taught.

There are a variety of reasons for an older horse developing the dreaded problem of the tongue over the bit

Sometimes, when we go to purchase a horse, everything is perfect except for one or two things

If you have decided to purchase a horse that puts its tongue over the bit, you will need to start the re-training immediately.

The tom-thumb snaffle is an ordinary and commonly used bit that comes with a range of built in bad-habit developers.

What can you do about the horse that is not accepting the tom-thumb?

Last month we covered the tom-thumb snaffle and some of the reasons why a horse may find it uncomfortable

This month's topic is the kimblewick, a bit that may also be known as a Spanish snaffle.

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