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Livestock & Pets : Goats

The articles below cover a number of topics about goat health, behaviour and goat farming. There are more articles in The Basics section too. If you're looking for something in particular then use the search box above. If not, then browse the article titles and see what there is to help you.  If you can't find an answer here then why not ask in our discussion forums? One of the very friendly and helpful members is sure to be able to help you.

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Those of you who have goats will know they are not the hardy creatures many people think they are. 

Not a lot is known about the requirements of goats for trace elements like iodine, selenium, copper and cobalt.

Goats now have good legal protection against any treatment that causes unnecessary or unreasonable suffering.

Some of you keep your goats for their milk, either for home supply or as part of your farming business...

Barber's pole worms (Haemonchus contortus) have been the cause of a lot of goat ill-health, and many goat owners will have suffered losses as a result of this nasty parasite.

Do you think the easiest way to keep your verge tidy might be to get a goat?  Don’t be fooled - it takes a lot of time and effort to look after a tethered goat properly. 

Assume that all garden shrubs are a potential danger to goats. Some plants cause delayed poisoning as well as immediate poisoning eg ragwort and St John’s wort.

Goats are seasonal breeders coming into heat in autumn with the declining daylight.

Very similar to sheep, they have a similar blind spot at rear – but they are more difficult to catch using this area as they are generally more alert than sheep.

Goats have no top teeth and instead have a hard dental pad that their bottom incisors bite against.

There are plenty of goat welfare issues. Footrot a major problem with goats and is difficult to cure once established.

Goats are a flocking species but they don’t flock as tightly as sheep.

Throughout their lives, goats are very susceptible to worms in their stomach and intestines.

Goats that have chewed their way through the dry herbage at many gateways over the summer need as much holiday care as any other animal in the family or on the farm.

The Arapawa goat is a small, light-framed, dual-purpose goat.

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