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  • milkingCattle evolved into about 260 different breeds, types and varieties in different parts of world - e.g. buffalo in North America and the Yak in China.
  • Wild ancestors of today’s cattle were hunted for meat e.g.. the Auroch.
  • Early humans feared and respected the early cattle for the shape of their crescent-shaped horns that had religious significance.
  • Cattle were domesticated for milk and meat. Castration and dehorning greatly aided domestication.
  • Cattle also provide hides for clothing and many different human needs.
  • Cattle (oxen and buffalo) still provide power in the developing world today.
  • Dung is used for cooking and building.
  • Cattle are a measure of human wealth in parts of world e.g.. the Masai
  • They also have major religious significance e.g.. in India.

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