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Once a Day Feeding Option

Once a day feeding of calves is a convenient option that many large, time-poor or professional rearers adopt for convenience and time saving purposes.

Unique to the calf rearing market is a once a day calf feed specifically designed and formulated by NRM to suit the needs of once a day feeding programmes. 

Ready Rumen is a cost effective once a day calf feed that combines a concentrated 20% NRM calf pellet with high quality barley straw and molasses that meets all the starch, protein and fibre requirements of the young and growing calf from four days of age.  Ready Rumen contains the Moozlee feedlink flavouring which is included in all NRM calf feeds to ensure maximum palatablility.  

Meeting all the roughage and protein requirements of the calf in one bag is what makes Ready Rumen unique among all the calf feeds currently available.  The inclusion of Bovatec® ensures that the risk of coccidosis is controlled. 

Ready Rumen’s inclusion of barley straw which is chopped to uniform length and supplied at the optimum ration for rapid rumen development fulfil the calf’s daily fibre requirements (10% fibre) in young calves.

Ready Rumen is the complete once a day feeding option that requires no added roughage, vitamins or minerals and takes some of the hassle out of a busy time of year. 

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