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  • Lifestyle farms on the battle front
    Lifestyle farms on the battle front

    As you drive around our beautiful country you can see cattle of all sizes and shapes. Delicate, doe-eyed Jerseys; rangy, angular Friesians; placid red and white Herefords with their tightly curling facial hair. You don't have to travel far afield before you spot a few shaggy-coated Highlands, two-tone Belted Galloways or even pint-sized Dexters.

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  • Mycoplasma bovis – what’s it all about?
    Mycoplasma bovis – what’s it all about?

    We’ve all heard about the M. bovis outbreak that has been affecting dairy farms in South Canterbury and North Otago.

  • Truffles

    Truffles are types of edible mushrooms (fungi) that grow on the roots of certain trees. They traditionally grew wild in forests in the northern hemisphere but can now be ‘farmed’ on specially-inoculated trees.

  • Farming Diary for February

    February farming diaryThe rain saved the day in some parts, but was too late to bring about total pasture recovery to save dairy farms from drying off, feeding out winter supplements and culling stock.


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