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4 weeks 2 days ago #559557 by TreMac Hayvan
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Hi Everyone
I have a query about sheep and pumpkin & potato plants.

We are moving our sheep to a paddock where there are pumpkin & potato plants growing.
The sheep cannot get to the area where any scraps have been thrown, however the seeds seem to have sprouted down in the paddock and now there are pumpkin & potato plants growing. Are these safe for the sheep or do we need to remove them.

Also, we currently have the Ram out with our girls, so likelihood there are some pregnant sheep, is there a list or recommendations from anyone of things we should make sure the sheep can't get to?
Generally it's just grass in a paddock, but of course they do love a good munch on anything at all that's around, trees included!

Thanks in advance for your help

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4 weeks 1 day ago #559560 by tonybaker
Replied by tonybaker on topic Sheep Question
perfectly safe! they look like Dorper sheep?, if so they are the best breed for lifestylers along with Wiltshires. I hand feed my Dorpers with any vege food scraps so they become very tame. I throw all tree the prunings and basically everything green to them and they sort through and leave what they don't like. Interestingly, I have one olearia shrub in their paddock and they won't go near it due to its toxicity, everything else they eat, even Macrocarpa and I have not had any problems. Too much rank grass can upset their feet but they seem to recover after a week or so. They produce twin lambs every year with no help from me and I leave the ram in all year round.

5 acres, Ferguson 35X and implements, Hanmay pto shredder, BMW Z3, Countax ride on mower, chooks, Dorper and Wiltshire sheep. Bosky wood burning central heating stove and radiators. Retro caravan. Growing our own food and preserving it. Small vineyard, crap wine. :)

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4 weeks 1 day ago #559562 by TreMac Hayvan
Replied by TreMac Hayvan on topic Sheep Question
Hi Tony
Thanks for your reply.

Yes the photo is our Dorper Twins and we also have 16 Wiltshire, they all run together.
Good to know about leaving the Ram in with them all year around, we plan to do the same.

Have had a wee bit of trouble with their feet, but we now know what to look for and as you say they come right.

So just to clarify as I am getting multiple answers on different forums, in your opinion are the 'Potato Plants' safe for the sheep also?

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