Davies DE Beam Pump Trouble

1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #559484 by mikey@mclellan.org.nz

Heya, I have a Davies DE pump which I've recently serviced with new cups etc. Mechanically the pump is sound. It had probably not had much use in the last 30 years as the house has moved to rain water. After servicing it, it had around an hour of good running but now appears to get stuck and the belts start slipping.

If I switch it off and leave it for 10 mins it'll come right, but then get stuck again after a couple mins.

It seems like something down the well is jamming? I don't have much knowledge of what's at the bottom of the rod. 

Anyone have any bright ideas? I can find plenty of parts diagrams for the pump above ground, but the underground parts are a mystery to me!

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1 month 3 weeks ago #559485 by tonybaker
see that check valve with the square nut? Undo it and run the pump for a while to see if there is any blockage, maybe turn it over by hand first to get a feel of what's happening. There is a rod bolted to the beam with leather washers that runs in a brass cylinder, each stroke brings up a little water, it's quite a simple setup, probably the nut holding the washers is loose causing the washers to bind. Be careful if you undo anything as i think the whole lot can drop down the well. These pumps used to be used for high heads, are you pumping a long way?

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