Flax and tainted meat?

4 months 2 weeks ago #559442 by KOlsen
Kia ora!
My neighbour says that eating flax (harakeke) taints beef. I can't find anything online about it. All discussions here suggest flax is good for them.

As I'm hoping to pop one of my Beefie Boys into the freezer soon, I'd like to know what basis this has. How long does Beefie 1 need to be free from the flax? Because no matter what I do, they're poking their heads through the fence!

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4 months 2 weeks ago #559443 by LongRidge
Replied by LongRidge on topic Flax and tainted meat?
I would find it difficult to believe that harakeke taints beef. If it did the freezing companies would have worked that out long ago :-) .
But ..... killing homekill beef at this time of the year can lead to tainting problems. When the weather is warm the microorganisms on and in the meat can grow fast and for longer than when the outside temperature is cooler. Also, in warm weather the chilling facilities have to work harder to get to cold enough for aging and butchering the meat, and get warmer quicker when the door is opened. We do not kill beef until about April or May, and stop about September. Also we have found that aging for 4 days is long enough, and by 7 days the meat is starting to smell.
What do you have as company for Beefie 2? Now is the time to buy a weaner beef animal for them to get used to each other.

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