Western Red Cedars - Thuja Plicata - NZ

1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #558530 by Kais 4eva
Hello, wondering if anyone can let me know if they have had Western Red Cedars with Cankers Disease?  I have them growing into shelter belts and understand them to be Cankers resistant.  Also, if anyone has Western Red Cedars growing as hedging, how do they look ...or as separate trees?  I note the Pines in the distance seem to get a Blight.  So hoping our Western Red Cedars don't get anything like that and continue to thrive here.  Feel they are a lovely looking evergreen tree, know they will get huge and  potentially appear to progress as great shelter for our stock.  We love natives but are starting to prefer the Thuja Plicata for long-term shelter belts for stock. We are based between Wairarapa and Wellington on the hills and they seem to like the wind and rain here.  Thank you in advance.
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