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19 Sep 2014 13:56 #38345 by Belle Bosse

Kelly cat reached 20 years and 11 months before going down hill quickly this week.
She had been gradually slowing down, looking more frail and becoming somewhat confused. She needed more care than usual and had the odd mishap inside, causing extra work... but what else can be expected from the equivalent of 99 yrs 8 months in cat years?
It seems brain and body disconnected this week leaving her increasingly disabled. Kelly took a turn for the worse last night and the decision was made to put her to sleep in the morning.

Sweet Chantelle kitty spent most of yesterday curled up beside Kelly on the bed, reaching out to touch Kelly who was under the quilt. Occasionally she whacked the quilt to see if Kelly was still alive. It's like she knew and was saying her goodbyes.
Kelly spent the night in Simon's travel box with pillow, blanket and hot water bottle to help her stay warm, comfortable and secure.

Husband kindly dug the grave for me last night, teasing me it was in the strawberry patch. He also said he had hit water and had to stop digging.
This morning I checked and found he'd dug a well... the water table is high and the hole was half full of water! Between rain showers I had to dig another resting site on higher ground.

Nearing 0800 I made that dreaded call to the vet for the earliest appointment available and spent the last 45 minutes at home sitting with Kelly on the bed where the sunshine was streaming in the caravan window. It was her favourite winter spot. She relaxed in the warmth and having me with her.
At the Vet's Kelly went to sleep quickly and peacefully in my arms. Our Vet said she was in good condition for her age.
Kelly now rests on a pillow in a banana box, buried in a sunny position.

Kelly had been adopted as a kitten from the RSPCA. She became a one man cat and was a faithful companion to my husband in the years before I met him. I've never fought with a cat until Kelly, but after many fights, scratches and bites, she gradually accepted me as her primary care giver, but always loved her man best. He was the only one who could calm her if upset.

Kelly had to adjust to having a kitten around when we returned from overseas with Chantelle. Kelly got the nickname of Fierce Lion when Chantelle first arrived and innocently attempted to curl up beside Kelly to sleep. Kelly turned on her when she discovered Chantelle beside her. Little Chantelle just crouched with back turned. She had to be rescued from Kelly's swift, sharp claws. Poor little Flee/flea Lion!
Kelly retired and left the territory patrol and defense to Chantelle soon after she arrived. Kelly was a seasoned fighter but Chantelle is sensitive and caring in nature and was taught "gentle paws".

Chantelle in turn adopted Simon, a young stray cat, as her best friend. He was either dumped or abandoned, searching for his family and getting thin. Kelly didn't like him, nice natured and cuddly or not!!
Simon would tease Kelly in return. Being very fit, Simon mischievously would stalk, pounce beside Kelly and spring away as Kelly fell over. He'd get growled at for just being in the area! He would generally ignore Kelly's growling.
Simon took over territory defense and both Simon and Chantelle would run to find Kelly if she called, screamed or was harassed or attacked by another cat. Simon would deal with the other cat.

So now... Kelly is resting in peace. All her troubles are over. She had a good long life with lots of love showered on her. She will be missed, but the edge is taken off by knowing she reached an amazing old age.
And, having the two younger cats. They voluntarily hop into the car and love their holidays up at our farm.

But what a way to have to spend your birthday!!:(

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19 Sep 2014 16:14 #494518 by Deanna

That made me smile. Bless.

25 acres, 1400 Blue Gums, 1 Wiltshire Ram (Trevor The 3rd) 16 ewes, 2Wethers, 3 calves. 70 chickens, Shavers, 72 ducks (Khaki, Pekin/Khaki, Cayuga/Appleyards, Magpies, Muscovies, X Runners) 1 Bee Hive, 2 dogs ( Fred and Diesel, ) 6 cats (Honey, Sassy, Cocoa, Golly, Miss Molly & Wally) 1 husband (Grumpy) 4 grown up chilblains and 2 grandies.[:D]

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19 Sep 2014 16:44 #494522 by Hawkspur

What a good innings. My sympathies for your loss of a long-loved friend.

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19 Sep 2014 18:54 #494529 by terralee

What a character ...what a life ...Kelly has earnt her rest Belle Bosse :( RIP Kelly :(

Leonie & Zoo!!! :silly: :woohoo:

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20 Sep 2014 19:03 #494652 by funnyfarm331

What an incredible age she reached, and life she lived. I'm sure all those memories will help over the next few days as you all begin to adjust to life after Kelly.

Thankyou for sharing such a lovely peep into her life.

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24 Feb 2017 22:05 #530572 by Axel

Omg, 20 years old ? I hope she had a good life and will reincarnate as a small kitty :)

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24 Feb 2017 23:09 #530575 by Stikkibeek

They leave a hole, as my 18.5 Birman did, but the memories are good.

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S

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