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4 months 5 days ago #544517 by Djones149

hi guys im looking at dividing a 2 acre paddock into 4 for a few sheep and lambs just want to know whats the best fence type to use for price and keeping them in and also do you need a proper strainer post for a 70m run or will a stayed post be adequate. we will be doing it ourselves so just wanting some advice and we do have access to tractor with post rammer thank you any advice much appreciated

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4 months 5 days ago #544522 by Mudlerk

Pick up a used copy of Practical Farming in New Zealand by Trish Fisk, or Fencing for Pastures & Gardens by Gail Damerow. I found both very useful when I started out; Fisk's also covers a lot of other lifestyle block stuff. One more thing...build or buy some sheep yards!

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4 months 4 days ago #544525 by LongRidge

You cannot make a good fence cheaply, but you can make a poor fence expensively :-(. The very important parts of fencing are that you must have enough wires, and they must be tight. That means that you must have good strainer posts and stays. The things that make wires loose are poor strainers and stays, wire stretching as it ages, forgetting to annually or more often to tighten the wires, and animals and "things" running into the fence.
When we arrived here I put up beautiful 7 wire fences and battens/droppers on them, because that was slightly cheaper than netting. But the sheep and goats got through when they had worked out how to. So I have now gone over those fences with netting. If I'd done that at the start I would have saved about $2 per meter and lots of effort.
An electric outrigger is essential to reduce the amount of rubbing the fence gets.
You will need three gates to enclose four paddocks if you put them together in the centre square, and at least one other gate to get into either of the front paddocks
More later.

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4 months 3 days ago #544535 by VioletFarmer

Hi, not knowing how much land you have in total- I would ask, why the need to chop up a 2 acre paddock into 4 smaller ones- using permanent fencing? If you ever need to re grass/ fertilise/ or make hay, that's a really small area for a tractor and implements to have to manoeuvre around. Our smallest paddock is about 1.1 acres- and long and narrow- just big enough for a fert spreader to turn around in. Our biggest paddock is 2.4 acres- we strip graze it with portable electric fencing all year round- except when we shut it up for hay for 2 months in Dec/ Jan or Feb. But of course, that is my preference, and you may find it suits your needs to chop the paddock sizes down anyway- so id say use sheep netting, yes and a strainer post. A top wire that is electric- incase you have calves/ cattle one day. I don't like out riggers, we just have insulators nailed to the tuff posts. As to where to get the materials- shop around. We got tuff posts from Goldpine on special & should have gotten our extra gate from Farmlands- as they were $35 cheaper there.

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