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Topic-icon Soft eggs

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7 months 3 weeks ago #541775 by Hestia

I used to have chinese/japanese chooks while in NZ. I so liked those little cute ones.
Used to joke and say that it was at least twenty eggs to become a dozen because of their miniture size eggs.
Now when living up north we get snow january - march and it can be down to minus 10-15C.
I have learnt that chooks if you have real size ones with "real serious fluff" and not like the chinese ones they can stand up to minus 24C if they have a house with proper insulation since they hate draught.
I have my chooks in a big size "bunny cage" that have a house attached to it and wheels so I can wheel them around.
I can't let them run free as I did in NZ because we have foxes.
I sometimes see foxes early mornings, beautifyl animals! :)

Anyhow my chooks, only two and a rooster, they lay 1-4 eggs every day, winter as summer.
We have now had the most warm summer in 40-50 years, up to +34c.
Chooks have laid eggs even during this warm period but only 1-2 a day.
We have now got down to normal temperature as +18-20c and then they suddenly started lay eggs with shell as soft as plastic bags.
They eat same as they always do and fresh grass and water every day.
They get crushed eggshells, chook pellets and leftovers from what we eat,,,
One thing that did hit me,,I have given them kiwi fruit peel last two weeks,,is that a no-no?
The chooks are only maybe 2 years old.

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7 months 3 weeks ago #541810 by Sue

First of all, great to hear from you again Hestia, and how different the seasons are there!. From -15C to +34C what a range, as well as 3 months of snow!

Soft eggs can be caused by a number of things but probably the most common is an imbalance of calcium/phosphorous and vitamin D. If any of those 3 are over or under supplied the whole shell making system goes wrong.
If they are getting laying pellets with calcium do not 'dilute ' too much with other foods so they don't get the fulll daily complement of calcium which has to be at a ratio of 2 : 1 with phosphorous. Their chook pellets should be at least 90% of their daily feed and the scraps only 10%.
Do not add extra calcium in the form of either shell grit, limestone flour or crushed egg shells to their feed so they are forced to eat it.Put it in a separate dish so they will help themselves, usually late afternoon, when their system needs it to make a shell.

Another very common cause of birds laying shell less or partly thin shelled eggs is a viral disease called Egg drop syndrome or EDS. The only symptom is poor shelled eggs and takes about 8 to 10 weeks to get over.

I'm not sure if I mis read your post, but if you have 2 chooks and get up to 4 eggs a day it must mean you collect them early one day and late the next!. It takes between 20 and 26 hours to lay an egg from ovulation to laying- so 2 per day per hen is not possible . However they may lay one normal egg and one shell less egg as it takes up to 15 hours, just to make the shell.

I don't think kiwi fruit skins will have any effect on laying and it seems if your temperatures are 18-20c right now they should be ideal for hens.

Labrador lover for yonks, breeder of pedigree Murray Grey cattle for almost as long, and passionate poultry person for more years than I care to count.

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7 months 3 weeks ago #541817 by Hestia

Hi Sue,

So much has happened since my kiwi hubbie got sick and I think my brains are closing down to avoid stress
and sometimes I have to remind myself of things that I have kind of shoveled away to some kind of small storage space in my brains.. Scary sometimes, it seems that some things happaned like a milion years ago and not just ten years ago.
Are you W? If you are you know what W is if not just forget that I asked :) :)

I got "my" first egg today after I think at least 14 days with no eggs at all.
OK, They have laid 1 egg every second day but with soft shell, so soft so it has looked like a plastic bag.

I just started to think about that when I need more eggs than they have produced I have bought super market eggs..
Those egg shells has ended up in leftover scraps,,maybe they have carried something bad??

I check for eggs every morning when I feed them,,,could be 1-4 eggs in 24 hrs.
Check in the mornings when I feed them since the rooster is a bit,,hmm agressive,,scary bastard ha ha ha
I open their house when he is out for a first morning feed,,not to risk that he comes in while I open up and close quick after me :) Yes, I am a coward :)

If you are W, then I guess the word dilute ended up in your comment because I used to say that my dogs were diluted and ended up making a e-mailadress that includes the word dilute.
I was once at a dog show in Auckland and a blind man and his seeing wife came up to me and the wife asked if it was OK for her blind hubbie to pet my old german shepherd.
I said go ahead.
The blinde man said: this is a german shepherd, what is it with him?
His wife siad: dog is a white german shepherd.
The blinde man used to have german shepherds while he was young and still had his eye sight.
The couple joked about that me shepherds were diluted in color :)

BTW just a also another totally OT.
When I managed to leave NZ for my home country,,I did not dare to stay since no family and no close friends in NZ,,realised how bad it was when hubbie got cancer and his family did do a runner and didn't show up until he had died and tried to get things out of my home. To nurse him and work full time to get income and then no sleep for almost two years since I had to give him medication all thur the day and night,,I was totally worn out and then felt I had to get back to my home country. Scared of that people sometimes when get older start to talk only their home country lingo and no one would even understand me in NZ.

Now when been back in my home country for 8 years and soo hard to get a work,,so hard to get a "any work".
Government subsidies those companies that emplye immigrants and that kicks me out of the line for any work at all!!!!
I did study to become a low level nurse just to get in to a work again.
During school classes it was 25 year old girl that use to say things in english just to kind of be smart. Talk her own enlish and then just say: heey you get here, studies to do!
One day I did reply to hert and kept on talking english with her,,she got a bit gobbsmacked that me the old one did talk english better than her and keep on going and not just one sentence :) :)
I only talk my own lingo every day and now I make fun out of that when I retire and get real old I will probbaly start to talk english ha ha ha
The dogs that I had with me back home are all gone except for a puppy that I took out of them. That dog gets her commands in english since I used to do it in english with her parents while my kiwi hubbie was alive.

bla bla bla :)

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