Newbie in Glenbrook, Franklin District.

1 year 3 months ago #558257 by arfabuck
Hello one and all. Wish I had found this site earlier.!
Retired/retarded/retreaded ex woodworker who bought a derelict ( 20 years ) 7 acre ex Nashi pear plot that was a jungle.
Over a thousand wind break trees 60+feet high and miles of trellis wire tangle through the regenerated bush. Posts for Africa.
Irrigation pipes everywhere totally useless. One good thing was the bore ( 6" ) was still in good condition and operational.
5 years later and a cleared property thanks to a second hand Kobelco 3 T digger and I am planting my first crop of aubergines.
Decided I am too old to keep bending over so in the process of building a weeder from and old grader blade/pallet frame/S tines for nix.
There is little small block implements available in NZ so have to make my own. Importing from the US of A is beyond my pocket.

Happy New Year!  

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